Jesus Luz, (as we all know, Madonna’s property), came to Buenos Aires in order to shoot a campaign for the brand Ona Saez’s next season line. Inspired on religious matters, with slogans as Jesus Loves you and many more (plus a couple of millions), the boy felt in the mood to come to Argentina and pose for the camera. In sum, he said it was a big deal for his career, and when the press asked love life questions he just laughed and took off J.
Here are some pics of the boy during the shooting and the after party hanging with some model friends as Nacho Figueras, and the lovely Leigh Lezark who was in the country last week too. Personally, I didn’t like his posses, he reaaaaally needs to learn working for a camera a little bit more, but with that mommy…..hmmmhmm, sorry, Girlfriend! Boy doesn’t need that isn’t he?, I guess the only thjing we cannot discuss is that Jesus is HOT!

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